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If you are interested in participating on a committee, please fill out the contact form below. 

Awards Committee
: Responsible for soliciting scholarly papers from New York State SRNAs and selecting a winner for the annual Goldie Brangman Award as well as other awards distributed throughout the year.
Chairperson: David Leal & Board Advisor: Stephanie Golemund

Bylaws Committee: Accepts proposed amendment changes to NYSANA Bylaws, Standing Rules, and Administrative Manual.
Chairperson: Kathleen M. O'Donnell & Board Advisor: Meaghan McCloskey

Educational Districts: 
Chairperson: Kelly McKinney & Board Advisor: Jessica Szydlowski

Government Relations Committee: Monitors legislative and government policy in all matters affecting healthcare, and follows legislative activity in New York State relevant to the practice of nurse anesthesia.
Chairperson: Emily Nesler & Board Advisor: Barbara Capogna

Finance Committee
: Responsible for investigating expenses (past, present, and future) and determining the basic yearly budget requirements.
Chairperson: Kathleen Crowell & Board Advisor: Joanna Woersching

Nominating Committee: Responsible for preparing ballots for the membership comprised of eligible individuals who, by capability and intent, are qualified to serve NYSANA.
Chairperson:  Laura Ardizzone & Board Advisor: David Leal

Peer Assistance Committee
: Assists CRNAs in safeguarding the quality of patient care; serves as a resource to NYSANA members by providing names of treatment centers or programs.
Chairperson: Karen Mascolo & Board Advisor: Kathleen Crowell

Professional Practice Committee
: Monitors current CRNA practice through the development and implementation of a survey at least once every five years. Monitors and communicates national CRNA practice issues to the Board and membership.
Chairperson: Jase Calomadre & Board Advisor: Joanna Woersching

Programs Committee:
Responsible for organizing and overseeing two State Educational Meetings a year. This includes recruiting speakers and sponsors for each meeting in addition to selecting meeting places and organizing special events.
Chairperson: Meaghan McCloskey & Board Advisor: Cheryl Spulecki

Publications/Website Committee: Publishes the Empire Courier bi-annually; maintains NYSANA Website.
Chairperson: Christian Cansino & Board Advisor: Jessica Szydlowski

Public Relations Committee:
     Chairperson: Yana Krmic & Board Advisor: Cheryl Spulecki

Student Liaison Committee
      Chairperson: Kaitlyn Tomeno & Board Advisor: Stephanie Grolemund


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Is to be the advocate for and authority on the nurse anesthetist practice in New York State

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