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2018 Spring Educational Meeting Agenda
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Sunday, May 6




Exhibitor Set Up

7:00am - 8:00am

Breakfast & Visit Exhibits

8:00am - 9:00am

“The History of NYSANA- We Been Around How Long?”

Barbara Capogna, CRNA


1) The participant should be able to appreciate the history of their professional organization.

2) Identify the various problems thatNYSANA faced along the way as well as the solutions to those issues.

3) Gain an understanding as to the benefit of a professional organization in protecting their right to practice.

4) Understand the correlation between the state association NYSANA, and the national association, the AANA.

Overview: CRNA’s practicing in New York shouldbe familiar with their professional organization. I will walk through time explaining how NYSANA began and what has evolved over the years.


9:00am -10:00am

"Business of Anesthesia for CRNA’s"

Chris Rutledge CRNA, MS, Partner- Niagara Frontier Anesthesia


1) Discuss integral role CRNA’s have in current health-care environment

2) Identify various billing modifier codes and its relation to CRNA practice

3) Identify potential benefits of independent CRNA practice

4) Analyze future role CRNA’s have in bundled payment models


10:00am -10:15am

Break and Visit Exhibits

10:15am - 11:15am

“Lobbying 101”

Diane E. Frazier, Esq.


1) The Learner will become familiar with the 2018 New York State Legislature

2) The Learner will become familiar with NYSANA’s 2018 legislative agenda

3) The Learner will be able to identify techniques and coalition building efforts to help promote NYSANA’s legislative agenda.

Overview: This lecture will include an update of NYS government affairs impacting the profession; NYSANA's 2018 legislative agenda; priority bills; grassroots andcoalition building efforts and opportunities for members to get involved and have their voices heard.


11:15am - 12:15pm

“NYSANA Update”

Cheryl A. Spulecki, DNAP CRNAAssistant Clinical Professor- University at Buffalo, Nurse Anesthesia Program


1) Explain the pending and current legislation in the state and issues that are pertinent to CRNAs in New York

2) Discuss the current House and Senate bills that directly affect New York CRNA practices

3) Identify means by which they can participate in their state association

Overview: The purpose of this lecture is to update the membership on NYSANA and AANA activities throughout the year. There will be a review of the current leadership of our association and affiliated supportive staff. Next will be an update national issues from AANA Midyear and Fall Leadership Academy. Last there will be an update to the membership on NYSANA activities. Also covered will be an update on legislative items of importance.


12:15pm - 1:45pm

Lunch, Business Meeting & Visit Exhibits

1:45pm - 2:45pm

“AANA Update”

Mark J. Haffey MSN, CRNA, APN


1) Learner will be able to describe trends in AANA membership demographics, education, employment, and public relations.

2) The learner will be able to discuss current nurse anesthesia legislative initiatives and strategies, as well as issues affecting practice.

3) The learner will be able to discuss initiatives regarding CRNA Wellness, PAC, and research

Overview: The CRNA will receive information on the future demographics and workforce trends in our profession. Also, the value of being a member is stressed including all advocacy efforts according to divisions of AANA, current legislative initiatives and ways the member can engage, and the member advantage program which are discounts and benefits of membership. A Q & A time is included at the end of the update.


2:45pm - 3:45pm

“A” is for Airway: Managing the ENT Patient

Mark J. Haffey MSN, CRNA, APN


1) CRNA will be able to identify the structures of the larynx

2) CRNA will be able to list the key aspects of successful airway management

3) CRNA will be able to identify the pitfalls associated with ENT cases

4) CRNA will be able to identify the keys points to managing ENT procedures

5) CRNA will be able to initiate a plan for management of Airway Crisis

Overview: A great lecture looking at the unique aspects of ENT Surgery, and how to address challenges that patients will present to your OR. After engaging in this lecture, CRNAs will have an increased understanding of the physiology of ENT disease and the unique pitfalls of ENT surgery.

Teaching Methods: Lecture, Powerpoint, Case Study, and Question and Answer


3:45pm - 4:00pm

Break and Visit Exhibits

4:00pm - 5:00pm

“Propofol Dependence Among Anesthesia Providers. A Review of Select Literature”

Devin Elyse Lee, BSN, RN


1) Review the epidemiology of propofol dependence among anesthesia providers

2) Identify areas of the brain associated with addiction and the neurotransmitters involved in mediating addiction

3) Explain how drugs of dependence alter gene regulation and lead to changes in neuronal plasticity that contribute to the addicted state

4) Analyze the neuropharmacological properties of propofol and how these may contribute to its dependence potential among anesthesia providers

Overview: There is mounting evidence that propofol has addiction potential. This presentation examines properties that may contribute to propofol’s potential for dependence and the epidemiology of propofol misuse among anesthesia providers.





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