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Patient & Provider Testimonials

People who enter the nursing profession are compassionate and caring. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) start out as Registered Nurses and advance through many years of training and experience to also become experts in delivering safe, high-quality anesthesia care. Many New Yorkers benefit from the care, compassion and expertise of CRNAs each and every day. 

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CRNA Spotlights

We reached out to a few CRNAs to ask them what they love about the profession, why they chose to become a CRNA, and how the profession has impacted their life. We couldn't be prouder of all the nurses who provide anesthesia care to the people of New York. Read on for more!

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Goldie Brangman & Kathleen O'Donnell Awards

In keeping with our mission to advance the CRNA profession in New York and advance the practice and study of anesthesiology, each year NYSANA seeks to recognize the leadership of members and students through two prestigious awards. Nominations are open for both now. 


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Stay informed on the work of NYSANA's volunteer board and committees, including key dates, events and opportunities to support and advance the profession.

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