Advocacy Day May 9 was a great success!

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Making a difference in healthcare for the LGBTQIA+ Community

The intersections of the queer community and healthcare highlight a history of disparity based on gender expression and sexual orientation that has been rooted in implicit bias, institutional barriers, and a lack of training in regard to specific community needs. This disparity manifests as decreased access to healthcare, increased prevalence of preventable medical conditions, and increased morbidity and mortality related to mental health when compared to the general population.  

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NYSANA OP-ED in New York Daily News

Thank you to Elyse Gallo, Michael Thamsen and Sean McGarry for submitting this opinion piece to the New York Daily News, discussing CRNAs practicing at the top of their license as a viable solution to New York's rural healthcare crisis. 

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Giovanna Mahar on the 6news!

"In New York, we’re recognized under hospital code," Mahar said. "I have a nursing license in New York. I do not have an advanced practice license, which is a little sad. CRNAs have been providing anesthesia since the Civil War. So, we’re not a new profession. This would really help in recognizing the amount of work that we’ve put into our educations and our careers. It would write into law who we are. I think it would also help the patients with setting the expectation that we have of ourselves and that they should have of us in our standards of care.

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Sean McGarry's Op Ed in Buffalo News

Headline: Supervision of CRNAs is unnecessary and impedes care.

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2023 Slate of Candidates

The NYSANA nominating committee is proud to announce the following candidates for election to the NYSANA Board of Directors. The election period will commence July 10, 2023 and conclude on July 28, 2023. Learn more about each member running for the board by reading their answers to 5 key questions. 

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Goldie Brangman & Kathleen O'Donnell Awards

In keeping with our mission to advance the CRNA profession in New York and advance the practice and study of anesthesiology, each year NYSANA seeks to recognize the leadership of members and students through two prestigious awards. Nominations are open for both now. 


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Stay informed on the work of NYSANA's volunteer board and committees, including key dates, events and opportunities to support and advance the profession.

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