Goldie Brangman, a trailblazer in her own right, served as an accomplished CRNA and an inspiring mentor to countless individuals within the nursing community. As the first and only African American President of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, she shattered barriers and paved the way for future generations of nurse anesthetists.

One of her notable accomplishments was founding and directing the Harlem Hospital School of Nurse Anesthesia. Here, she established an exceptional standard of care and treated esteemed figures such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. following a near-fatal assassination attempt in 1958. Through her visionary leadership and unwavering dedication, she inspired excellence in the field.

Throughout her career, Ms. Brangman earned numerous accolades and honors, embodying the spirit of excellence and innovation. Even in retirement, she continued her philanthropic endeavors, volunteering eight hours a day with the Red Cross while actively participating in AANA meetings.

The Goldie Brangman Excellence in Nursing Award honors students within the Nurse Anesthesia Program who exemplify the same exceptional qualities that Goldie Brangman personified—dedication, leadership and a commitment to excellence. This prestigious award recognizes their outstanding contributions to the field, both academically and clinically.

We celebrate the life and achievements of Goldie Brangman by acknowledging the extraordinary nurses in the Nurse Anesthesia Program who carry on her legacy. Through this award, we aim to inspire the next generation of nursing leaders who will continue to make a difference in the world of anesthesia and beyond.

Watch this tribute to Goldie Brangman offered by two previous award winners.

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Submit your nomination

Please read carefully before submitting your nomination.


To be eligible, the nurse anesthesia resident must be enrolled in an accredited Nurse Anesthesia Program in New York State, or have submitted the work while a resident. The resident is eligible for up to one year post-graduation.


A cash award of $750.00 will be presented to the recipient (divided among team members). The award will be presented at the Annual Fall Meeting of the New York State Association of Nurse Anesthetists. Travel stipend and registration fees for the meeting will be provided.


To be eligible for the award the applicant must submit one of the following:

  • An original manuscript
  • A comprehensive literature review
  • An original research study relevant to Nurse Anesthesia practice

The recipient will also be expected to deliver a 60-minute presentation of the winning material during the Annual Fall Meeting.


The length of the submitted material is at the discretion of the author and is not a criterion of grading. Each manuscript must include a short biographical sketch of the author and an abstract of the article.


Papers will be accepted after December 1st. The deadline for submission is June 1st. Click here to submit a nomination.

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