Strength in Numbers: Get Involved with NYSANA

There are many opportunities to serve fellow members and ensure a vibrant, relevant association driven by the needs and values of the membership. Imagine the CRNA strength and influence of CRNAs if each member would contribute, at some level, to the cause. 

Commitment level



  1. Make plans to attend at least one in-person state meeting per year. Meet fellow CRNAs and leaders and get to know the issues facing our practice. Historically, these meetings are attended by a small percentage of members. Together we will grow stronger and more relevant. 

  2. Set-up a monthly donation to NYSANA’s PAC. Learn more here about why this truly makes a difference.

  3. Pay attention to texts and emails focusing on advocacy calls to action. During the legislative session, you will receive a text from NYSANA using VoterVoice. In less than 5 minutes, your custom letter to your local legislator will be sent. 


Volunteering your time to serve on a NYSANA committee offers members a chance to get to know other CRNAs and to further the profession in New York State. You can also earn 5 Class B CE credits for each year of your service on a committee. Each committee has different time commitments. 

NYSANA is actively seeking leaders in the state to step into the following roles, with the full support of the working board and staff. Committee chair terms are one year, reviewed annually by the president-elect. You can learn more about the vital work of each committee here

Current needs

  • Legislation and government affairs: Interested in impacting the legislative process and protecting the profession? 

    • Government Relations Committee Members are the boots on the ground at local legislator’s district offices and their capital offices in Albany. Members stay informed on the issues and work with colleagues to amplify the voice of NY CRNAs in the Senate and Assembly.

    • PAC committee raises funds for NYSANA’s Political Action Committee and seeks ways to recognize regular donors. PAC events are a way to express creativity and bring members together for an important cause while having fun. 

  • Social and CEU-Oriented Opportunities: Love to throw a party? Here are some ways to get involved and do what you love. The management company helps with logistics, budget, registration, marketing etc.

    • Educational District Chair coordinates the efforts of each district chair for educational district meetings. Rachel Dubay is the acting chair.

    • Volunteers in each district are needed to plan fun, social events in their district.

    • PAC Committee Members plan fundraising events and support the crowd-sourced mobile fundraising efforts by sending texts and emails.

  • Marketing, PR and Website Committees: Do you have ideas for NYSANA’s social media? Do you look at the website and say, “I think it could be better.” Do you wish communication to members, the public, and legislators could be improved? Do you have story ideas? The PR committee has the full support of a NYSANA’s professional PR company, but PR needs engaged members and ideas to stay relevant and engaging.

    • PR Committee Members

Contact us to learn more


The NYSANA Board of Directors consists of nine active members (CRNAs) including 5 officers (president, immediate past-president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer) and 4 directors. Term for president, president-elect and immediate past president is 1 year. Secretary, treasurer and directors serve 2-year terms. The Board of Directors also includes four Resident Registered Nurse Anesthetists (RRNAs). These associate members serve as non-voting representatives appointed by the Board on an annual basis to serve a one-year term.

  • All board members are volunteers. A paid executive director, executive assistant, professional lobbyist, lawyer, and PR firm support the work of the board. The board is also supported through the work of NYSANA committees.

  • The NYSANA nominating committee is responsible for seeking eligible active members of the association who are qualified to run for board positions. The candidates selected for inclusion on the ballot are presented at the NYSANA business meeting, held in the spring each year. To reach the nominating committee chair to discuss a position, please email [email protected]. Elections occur during the summer, usually via an electronic ballot.


  • Work alongside CRNA colleagues on broad issues that matter and learn the business of the association and the profession as a whole.

  • Gain invaluable resume-building experience as a leader of a state-wide organization with more than 2000 members.

  • Be an “ear to the ground,” and access the latest information about NYS CRNAs and professional issues.


  • Use your time and talents to give back to your colleagues and the CRNA profession.

  • Board members directly impact the future of the profession and CRNAs in the state.

  • Board members set the direction and work for the success of NYSANA’s legislative agenda.


  • Board members meet with membership during the Spring and Fall Education meetings. Travel and meeting registration is reimbursed for these meetings.

  • Board members represent NYSANA at select AANA National meetings, such as Mid-year, Annual Congress and/or the Leadership Summit, and receive reimbursement for registration and travel.

  • Board members can receive 5 Class B credits per year of service on the board.


Please reach out to [email protected] to discuss opportunities and connect with our current nominating Committee Chair & Past President, Giovanna Mahar. Additional members include Michael Greco and Mark Blazey.