Political Action Committee & Donor's Circle

The NYSANA-CRNA Political Action Committee (PAC) helps support candidates for elected office who support certified registered nurse anesthetists and the issues of importance to the profession. Read our PAC FAQs to learn more.

Join the 2024 PAC Challenge!
 or text the 2024PAC to 71777. Select your school or education district to support your team!



  • Become a recurring donor (includes annual donors) by February 29 to receive your recurring donor thank you gift, donated by Sean McGarry. 
  • All new donors will be entered to receive free meeting registration for the Fall Meeting held at the Gideon Putnam Resort in Saratoga Springs, NY October 4 - 6, 2024. One RRNA and one CRNA will receive this gift from PAC.


Donors may choose to give in one lump sum or through our monthly program. The following individuals are recognized for their annual contributions or monthly pledge level. Thank you to our Donors Circle!

NYSANA Visionary 2023
$1000 or more donated or pledged to via a recurring monthly donation.

Mark Bashford
Morag Bell
Jeannette Blaha
Joshua Cangcuesta
Michael Cogan
Stephanie Grolemund
Giovanna Mahar
Mark Maier
Meta Mangulis
Sean McGarry
Shannen Moore
Lorraine Mundanchira
Cheryl Spulecki
Meaghan Wakefield

Supporters of NYSANA 2023

$500-$999 donated or pledged to via a recurring monthly donation.

Elvin Aguilar
Laura Ardizzone
Jenna Assante
Shirley Bates
Lisa Bilella
Mark Blazey
Patricia Bulin
Brenda Cabrera
Kendall Case
Matthew Dicicco
Joseph Drew
Jason Fernandes
Elyse Gallo
Joseph Gentle
Michael Greco
Paul Haas
Graceann Harrison
Maddie Hotaling
Lorraine Kennedy
Laura Kukowski
Lauren Logue
Michael Masseria
Ryan Pavkov
Sabrina Petrillo
Nancy Schillizzi
Megan Stott
Keri VanNatten

Friends of NYSANA 2023
$250-$499 donated or pledged to via a recurring monthly donation.

Donald Boyd
Margy Brown
Christian Cansino
Christina Congdon
Kathleen Crowell
Pierre Elmera
Lisa Felderman
Anne Gregoire
Amy Harbeck
David Hedman
Yana Krmic
Leslie Lamar
Maribeth Massie
Meghan McCready
Jessica Murphy
Marita Nell-Daniels
Efua Otoo
Chanda Plitt
Kathryn Rath
Elizabeth Rose-Gould
Patricia Sarcona
Kristen Simon
Esther Solis Santis

Special Thank You to All Students Who Donated!

Lindsay Davis
Samantha DiLandro
Ariel Dominguez
Pierre Elmera
Tyler Grant
Yeva Grayver
Rebecca Jablonski
Samantha Jean-Louis
Justin John
Catherine Jopp
Nikki Jorge
Benjamin Kantor
Navdeep Kaur
Peter Kotsovolos
Jackell Maragh
Carolina Meza Saenz
Shannen Moore
Marita Nell-Daniels
Tiffany Nelson
Stephanie Patch
John Pender
Christopher Peppe
Paulina Renda
Lorenzo Sanguedolce
Kelley Slayden
Aimee Thomas
Gabrielle Zinnar