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In the rapidly changing and increasingly complex nurse anesthesia practice environment, there is great demand for practitioners to remain updated in knowledge, understanding, and skills.

The recertification process developed by the NBCRNA involves a robust and regular assessment of nurse anesthetist professional practice. The NBCRNA regularly assesses the evolving knowledge required in anesthesia health care practice. NBCRNA certification and recertification programs meet or exceed the expectations of patients and family members, the requirements of employers, and the demands of regulatory authorities to verify that nurse anesthetists continue to be recognized as providing the safest and best anesthesia care possible. For the latest information, visit the NBCRNA CPC Homepage.

The downloadable CPC Program brochure offers a clear, straightforward overview of the CPC Program's components and timeline.

CPC Program Brochure

Watch these videos to find out more about Deciding the Best Way to Test or What to Expect on Test Day.

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CPC Renewal Applications

What you need for this first renewal cycle

  • For this first CPC cycle, you will need 60 Class A credits and 40 Class B credits (Note: you can use extra Class A credits over the required 60 towards the Class B requirement).
  • Core Modules are not required in this first cycle.
  • The CPC Assessment component is not required for your current/first 4-year cycle, just the Class A and B credit requirement. And the CPCA is not pass/fail.
  • There are 20 activity categories that count as Class B credit. View the Class B Table for a complete listing.
Download the CPC Renewal Infographic


The CPC Program supports lifelong learning and the strong CRNA credential, protecting your ability to continue practicing as a CRNA, and is designed to meet the APRN regulatory requirements of every state Board of Nursing.

The program also reinforces the validity and value of your CRNA credential, demonstrating to your patients, their families, and your employer that you meet the credentialing requirements designed to promote lifelong learning, help you maintain current anesthesia knowledge, and encourage patient safety— even as the health care environment constantly changes.

CPC Program Components

The CPC Program includes four components: Class A creditsClass B creditsCore Modules, and the CPC Assessment.

CPC Program Timeline

Every four years, you renew your CRNA credential. Chart your course along the 8-year CPC Program timeline to learn more about the requirements of each 4-year cycle.