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Thank you for your interest in the New York State Association of Nurse Anesthetists!

We are a proud State Affiliate of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists. Membership with the AANA entitles you to membership with NYSANA. To join NYSANA as a member and receive member benefits, CRNAs and SRNAs must first join or renew with the AANA.

Know you're already an AANA member but don't have a NYSANA login? Simply contact us.

We welcome and encourage non-members to participate in NYSANA events! This is a great way to learn more about our association and all we have to offer.

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The Value of a NYSANA Membership

In addition to the benefits of your membership in the AANA, NYSANA offers the following for those working in New York State:

NYSANA Advocates on behalf the CRNA Profession in NY
  • State laws define the practice. NYSANA represents the CRNA profession in NY State, fighting to ensure our CRNAs define the profession we've trained for in the state we love
  • National laws effect healthcare delivery. NYSANA Federal Political Director and leadership represents the state of New York at a National Level
  • NYSANA organizes members and allocates resources for advocacy days in New York State and at the federal level
  • NYSANA employs a professional lobbyist to guide advocacy efforts
  • NYSANA's VoterVoice campaigns offers convenient, easy, member-driven text and email outreach to legislators
  • NYSANA's PAC (funded separately through donations, not member dues) identifies & supports candidates for elected office who support certified registered nurse anesthetists and the issues of importance to the profession
  • NYSANA's board of directors and committee chairs are volunteers who willing take on a second job working on behalf of the membership. For an example, see Dr. Giovanna Mahar's testimony at the NYS assembly hearing
  • NYSANA allocates resources, both volunteer and paid, towards public relations, to raise awareness of CRNAs as safe and cost-effective providers anesthesia care
  • NYSANA continuously surveys the CRNA workforce, even during a crisis such as the COVID 19 pandemic, to best represent and advocate for member needs
NYSANA Offers Exclusive Resources
  • Discounted registration for events
  • Job flash email & career center
  • Training and support in advocating for the profession
  • Invitation only district events
  • Continuing education credit filing with the AANA on members behalf
  • DNP research database access (application required)
  • Legal and financial planning advise and connections
  • Members-only virtual wellness events
NYSANA Offers Opportunities for Professional Growth
  • Access the latest research studies, from RRNAs to national speakers, at NYSANA events
  • NYSANA supports students and future leaders through board opportunities, committee work, deeply discounted registration fees and member fundraising
  • Leadership opportunities through committee work
  • Networking through state and district meetings as well as advocacy events
  • Practice support through the professional practices committee
NYSANA Recognizes & Awards Excellence