Kathleen O’Donnell Excellence in Leadership Award


This annual award was created to honor and recognize NYSANA members who have demonstrated superior leadership abilities, excellence in clinical performance and mentorship, and dedicated service to NYSANA.

Kathleen M. O'Donnell, Ph.D., CRNA- Dr. O'Donnell has been a leader to many SRNAs and CRNAs over her tenure as Chair of the Albany Medical College Center for Nurse Anesthesiology & Professor of Anesthesiology at Albany Medical College. This award is dedicated to her for her outstanding contribution to the field of CRNA education, anesthesia, and her dedication to NYSANA. She has been an active member of NYSANA for 45 years and retired as the NYSANA Executive Secretary in 2010. Dr. O'Donnell has been actively involved in SRNA & CRNA education for 45 years as well. In 1974, she began serving on a NYSANA Educational Committee. In 1977 she joined the NYSANA Board of Directors and the following year she became the NYSANA President, serving for 2 years. She continued in her commitment to NYSANA by serving on multiple NYSANA Task Forces after her presidency.  In 1988 became the NYSANA Executive Secretary-a role in which she served in the Association for 22 years.


  • Minimum of 5 years CRNA experience
  • Two letters of recommendation from CRNA colleagues, SRNAs, or Program Directors for schools of Nurse Anesthesia
  • Must have clinical experience in precepting SRNAs
  • Must have served on a NYSANA committee or as a Board of Director
  • Must be a current NYSANA member
  • Copy of Curriculum Vitae
  • Biosketch


  • $400 cash award
  • Recognition trophy
  • Travel expenses & accommodations will be reimbursed for a one-night stay at the NYSANA Fall meeting, and a registration fee for one day of the meeting will be provided.


The candidate cannot be currently serving on the NYSANA Awards Committee.  Letters of recommendation must not come from currently serving NYSANA Awards Committee Chair or Committee Members.


The submission deadline is June 1st. Nominations can be made for yourself or on behalf of another CRNA. Send submissions to the Awards Committee Chair by clicking below.

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  • 2023 Recipient - Margaret Brown, CRNA
  • 2022 Recipient - Yana Krmic, CRNA
  • 2021 Recipient - Stephanie Grolemund, MSN, CRNA, ACNP 
  • 2020 Recipient - Cheryl Spulecki, DNAP, CRNA
  • 2019 Recipient - Denise DiGioia, MS, CRNA
  • 2018 Recipient - Kimberly M. Lanfranca, MS, CRNA
  •  2017 Recipient - Edward C. Bonk, MS, CRNA
  •  2016 Recipient - Laura L. Ardizzone, DNP, DCC, CRNA
  •  2015 Recipient - Thomas E. Obst, PhD, CRNA 
  •  2014 Recipient - Barbara Capogna, CRNA2013 Recipient - Lynne VanWormer, MSN, CRNA
  •  2012 Recipient - Donna Karczewski, MS, CRNA
  •  2011 Recipient - Denise Martin-Sheridan, PhD, CRNA