Educational District Events

The NYSANA membership is comprised of six Educational Districts. Educational Districts bring the association’s mission, vision, and goals to individual members at the District level through educational programs and serve as members' liaisons to Board. 

There are no current district events scheduled at this time do to ongoing gathering limitations and restrictions across New York State, but we hope to resume in the near future.  

Educational districts typically hold 1-2 events a year and can range from a half-day educational series to a dinner outing supported by an outside sponsor. In-district events are a great way to network with colleagues from your immediate area and keep up to date with what’s going on around your region and throughout the state. Often times a NYSANA board member will be present to provide a NYSANA update, answer questions, and collect feedback from members. 

We will get the word out to all our members once these events resume. In the mean time, learn more about the districts and the chairpersons.