A Recap of 2021 Nurses Week

NYSANA Members:

On the heels of the 2021 National Nurses Week celebration, we again want to say THANK YOU for all that you do.

Please click on the video here that showcases some of our NYSANA member CRNAs in action.

Nurses Week provides the opportunity to recognize our nurse anesthetists for all your hard work and efforts. You have dedicated your lives to the medical field and helping others. Over the past year, nurse anesthetists have selflessly entered unknown territory and risked their lives for our health and the greater good. We are extremely grateful to you for making that choice and we can't thank you enough.

NYSANA sees you and the hard work and passion you continue to pour into your work each and every day. This past year we stood united and proved that together we are resilient and stronger. Thank you for the way you've selflessly stepped up to the frontlines and performed essential roles throughout your communities and across the state. We're in this together. We are stronger together. 

Thank you!

Yana Krmic,
President, NYSANA
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