UltraCare Featured on "Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid"

The life-saving work performed by CRNA’s during the pandemic and the game-changing impact of UltraCare’s innovative COVID-19 Emergency Response and Vaccine Teams was highlighted in the most recent segment of the educational television show "Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid."

The segment “Med-Tech Series: Managing & Administering the COVID-19 Vaccine” tells the story of how UltraCare quickly developed and deployed teams of CRNAs and other medical professionals from around the country to fill critical care gaps in hospital ICUs and to provide life protecting vaccinations to more than 200,000 seniors at elder care facilities in several states.

NYSANA President, Yana Krmic, featured in the segment, was working at Hoboken Medical Center during the height of the pandemic as the sole APRN provider. In Yana's words, "This is a great example of how extensive CRNA practice truly is. Our knowledge, our expertise and our value have been praised by Hospital administrators, MD Intensivists, Pulmonologists, Cardiologists and other critical care professionals all across healthcare. We are no longer a secret! We are sought after professionals who have much more to offer than just giving anesthesia inside the operating room."

Check out the episode here: https://bit.ly/3j05Il8

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